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Ahimsa Silk : Non violent and Cruelty free Silk

Ahimsa silk, also known as peace silk, is a type of silk that is purported to be made in a fashion that is much more humane to the creatures creating the silk than many traditional methodologies. Ahimsa is a word that derives from the Sanskrit language and translates as non-violence. This ideal is a key component of a larger way of living that is taken up by many people in the Indian subcontinent, most famously Mahatma Gandhi.

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Sustainable fashion Vs Ethical fashion

Fact: Fashion industry is the second most polluting industry, following of course the petroleum industry.   This realisation has kicked us in the face and today many responsible designers are trying to undo the damage caused by years of negligence in the name of style and fashion, by trying to make amendments in the way they create new products.   Hence we hear a lot of noise now and words like sustainable fashion, eco fashion, slow fashion, ethical fashion etc are becoming new trending words in the world of fashion, and widely used by brands as marketing keywords in their campaigns.   But do outsiders- and by outsiders I mean people outside of fashion industry- really understand what these terms...

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