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Ahimsa Silk : Non violent and Cruelty free Silk

Ahimsa silk, also known as peace silk, is a type of silk that is purported to be made in a fashion that is much more humane to the creatures creating the silk than many traditional methodologies. Ahimsa is a word that derives from the Sanskrit language and translates as non-violence. This ideal is a key component of a larger way of living that is taken up by many people in the Indian subcontinent, most famously Mahatma Gandhi.

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10 Eco Friendly Gifts Under $200

Finding the perfect gift for your friend who leads an organic lifestyle can be hard (to say the least!), but we have compiled a list of some amazing hand made unique items that are completely eco friendly and do not harm the environment in any way! Your friend will love the gesture and your caring thought! You are welcome! :)

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