The Truth collection is a modern twist to Akira Ming’s signature timelessly classic ideology.

A monochromatic take on the realities behind the fashion industry today, The Truth is in line with slow fashion. It is imbued with the philosophy that truth is absolute- simply Black or White. Akira Ming aims to spread the message that climate change is a reality and our choices need to be based on the hard facts of fast fashion's contribution to this climate change. The collection is interspersed with accents of red to signify the importance of the hands that make the products, i.e. the 'human' factor. Implying that nature and industry need to go hand in hand to create a sustainable future, the outfits are juxtaposed with bold geometric prints inspired by industrial technology and rich botanical graphics that highlight the inspiriting beauty of nature.

Designed and created to keep everything green- the purity of our textiles, sustainable processes, and plastic-free products, The Truth is on point on the spectrums of fashion, as well as environment!