About us

AKIRA MING is a fashion label for women that besides creative imagination, has ethics, compassion, and the environment at its heart. Style and elegance have often had an inherent cost for either the environment or for humans. AKIRA MING pushes against this notion and endeavours to produce beautiful styles using the most ethical and sustainable practices.


Our entire process of designing - from the search for the most sustainable fabrics to the printing and dyeing, to finally crafting the fabrics into creative designs - tells a unique story each time. It's the story of India's rich heritage of handcrafted yarn. It's the story of developing technology that goes hand in hand with compassion for the tiniest of living organisms. It's the story of enhancing the lives of master craftsmen living in remote villages who work with their hands to produce amazing textures and weaves.


AKIRA MING uses 100% natural and hand-woven fabrics for all its designs.


Instead of regular silk, we use a fabric called Ahimsa silk; unlike commercial silk, Ahimsa silk is produced in a way that avoids harming or killing of silkworms. We are certain of its authenticity since we source it directly from its original makers who also hold a patent for Ahimsa silk. The silk is dyed using sustainably harvested gum arabica crystals with water-based binders.

The Malmal Khadi fabric that goes into the making of various AKIRA MING creations is sourced directly from the Malkha Initiative centre. This initiative supports the people involved in the production of the fabric, the farmers and the hand-weavers, by ensuring fair pay for each of them and by the elimination of middlemen. The khadi fabric is dyed with environmentally safe and sustainable vegetable dyes.


We also support those who share our enthusiasm for conserving and protecting the environment.


In collaboration with Scrap App India, AKIRA MING plants 5 trees for each garment it sells. We also donate 5% of our annual sales to Waste Warriors - an NGO leading efforts in waste management in India.

AKIRA MING has created the perfect merger of style and consciousness, of fashion and responsibility. Our customers appreciate a flair for style and a sense of compassion in equal measure. We strive to make beautiful not just ourselves but the world around us too.



Divya Ahluwalia, the founder and creator of AKIRA MING, named the business after her daughter, Akira. Divya has had 17 years of experience as a successful fashion designer and yet, she says, it was only when Akira arrived that she could connect with her purpose in life. Even as a very young child, Akira had an affinity for nature and animals; she would spend hours looking at trees and their leaves. She even brings injured stray animals home to help them recover. Akira gave her mother a whole new view of the world. “Kids often follow their parents. For me, it has been the other way round.” quips Divya every time she talks about Akira.


Running a sustainable fashion label such as AKIRA MING is close to Divya’s heart; it brings together two of her dearest passions – fashion and environment. The fact that her daughter herself is a nature lover made Divya deeply conscious of not just her love for the environment, but also her duty towards it. “I couldn't think of a better name than hers to create a brand that has the same values at its core as she does,” says Divya about naming her label after her lovely daughter. She firmly believes that a business will endure only if it’s connected to one’s purpose in life. Divya, for one, has found her purpose in life and with AKIRA MING, she is certain that she’ll continue to strive to fulfil it.