Clara blouse in red ahimsa silk
Clara blouse in red ahimsa silk
Clara blouse in red ahimsa silk
Clara blouse in red ahimsa silk

Clara blouse in red ahimsa silk

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Looking for an elegant cruelty free and vegan silk ruffled blouse to make a statement at a holiday christmas party at work? This long sleeve red ahimsa silk peplum blouse is the perfect cocktail top for women who care for eco friendly fashion and also makes a perfect valentine or anniversary gift for your wife!
A 100% natural, and cruelty free style that will make you feel great every time you wear it, which we hope is for a long time!

Sustainable fashion brings together style and responsibility. The design and creation process adopts the most sustainable approach, avoiding any harm to the environment and to any living being. Ahimsa Silk is extracted in a humane manner without hurting the insects that created it. The philosophy behind Ahimsa Silk, as its name suggests, is one of peace and non-violence. One of the most popular champions of Ahimsa, Mahatma Gandhi, advocated it as a way of life, something that each one of us could adopt in our personal lives. Standard silk production requires silkworms’ cocoons to be boiled to allow extraction of threads; silkworms are not able to survive the high temperature levels and die trapped inside their cocoons. On the other hand, Ahimsa silk production involves a milder method where the worms are allowed to hatch and leave the cocoon naturally; once the cocoon is empty, silk can be easily extracted.

• 100% ahimsa silk
• Red color
• Long sleeve peplum blouse with double ruffles on hem
• Metallic stitch edge on ruffles with rose gold thread
• Dry Clean only
• Please select your size as per your body measurements as per below chart:

SMALL: Fits chest 35"- 36"/ Shoulder 14" / waist 27"- 28"/ Hip 37" - 38"
MEDIUM : Fits chest 37"- 38"/ Shoulder 14.5" / waist 29"- 30"/ Hip 39" - 40"
LARGE : Fits chest 39"- 40"/ Shoulder 15" / waist 31"- 32"/ Hip 41" - 42"

We are committed to working for the long term goal of saving the environment. Hence we have pledged to plant 5 trees against sale of this item and also donate 5% of the sale to waste warriors in India who organise clean ups. Our small steps toward creating a better future!